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Unchained Black Acid Wash Oversized T-Shirt

Unchained Black Acid Wash Oversized T-Shirt

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Step up your fashion game with the 'Sheesh Black Acid Wash Oversized T-Shirt', a design that fuses edgy aesthetics with comfort. This isn't just a piece of clothing; it's wearable art that encapsulates the spirit of freedom and the essence of bold expression.This T-shirt is more than an item in your wardrobe—it's a conversation starter, a piece of your persona draped in fabric form. Perfect for anyone who commands attention and lives unchained.


  •  Material: 100% Cotton for superior comfort and durability
  •  Weight: Solid 220 GSM, perfect for transitional weather and layering
  •  Acid Wash Finish: Each tee has a unique texture that adds a rugged, vintage vibe
  •  Fit: Oversized for an effortlessly relaxed and trendy look
  •  Puff Print Feature: Elevated design elements with a tactile puff print
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