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Revelation Black Hoodie [Unisex] - Dawn Edition

Revelation Black Hoodie [Unisex] - Dawn Edition

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Dive into the depths of self-awareness with the Revelation Black Hoodie. This piece from our collection is more than just a garment; it's a bold proclamation for change, challenging wearers and onlookers alike to question and redefine their beliefs and societal conditioning.

Emblazoned on the back is a striking falling man design in a vibrant green velvet print, symbolizing the freefall from outdated paradigms. Accompanied by the powerful message, "WHOEVER IS READING THIS SHOULD START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY TO PLASTIFY THEIR BRAIN FROM PREVIOUS BELIEFS, STRUCTURES, AND SYSTEMS CONDITIONED VIA SOCIETY," this hoodie encourages a personal revolution, a shedding of the old, and a transformative journey towards the new.

Size Recommendation:

Before making your purchase, kindly consult our size chart for the best fit. We advise opting for a size smaller than your usual choice to ensure a perfect fit.


1.Material: Luxurious feel with a premium blend of 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester, designed to last.

2. Weight: A substantial 340 GSM provides a premium, weighted feel and a bold silhouette.

3. Print: The falling man design features a lush green velvet print for a unique, tactile sensation and a stand-out visual impact.

4. Message: A thought-provoking statement printed in high-quality to inspire and invoke change.

Care Instruction

1. Print Care: To protect the life of the print, wash garments inside out.

2. Gentle Cycle: Use mild detergents and avoid the use of bleach to keep the fabric in pristine condition.


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