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Unchained Beige Hoodie [ Unisex] - Dawn Edition

Unchained Beige Hoodie [ Unisex] - Dawn Edition

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Embrace the new day with style in the Sheesh Dawn Edition Hoodie. As the sun ushers in fresh opportunities, this hoodie from our inaugural collection captures the essence of beginnings and potential. Step into the Dawn Edition, where comfort meets the iconic statements of a new fashion era.

Featuring a statement 'Sheesh' print and a magnificent eagle in puff print, it embodies the spirit of freedom and self-expression. This Dawn Edition is your go-to for unmatched comfort and effortless style.

Size Recommendation:

Before making your purchase, kindly consult our size chart for the best fit. We advise opting for a size smaller than your usual choice to ensure a perfect fit.


1. Material: Premium 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester blend for lasting comfort.

2. Weight: Hefty 340 GSM, perfect for a structured look.

3. Print: High-raised puff print for a tactile, dynamic feel.

4.Special Edition: Proudly named 'Dawn Edition' as a celebration of the first light of our brand's journey.

Care Instructions

1. Keep it fresh: Wash cold to maintain the hoodie’s perfect condition. 2. Love your hoodie: Use gentle detergents and avoid bleach.
3. Reverse: Turn inside out before washing to preserve the print’s life.

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